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Giovanni Moretti

  • Phone: 0461314807
  • FBK Povo
Short bio
Since May 2013, I'm the Software Developer of the Digital Humanities joint research project at Fondazione Bruno Kessler.
Previously, I worked as administrator of Oracle systems and, from 2007 to 2013, I worked in CELCT  being involved in many Human Language Technology projects developing scripts and web interfaces for data acquisition, annotation and result analysis. 

I’m familiar with most of the more used programming and mark-up languages (e.g. Java, Javascript, C, C++, Perl, Php, VB, HTML5, CSS3) and I have extensive experience in the development of web sites and of both web-based and stand-alone applications. Currently, I'm strengthening my expertise in data visualization applying D3js, Sigmajs, Gephi and Highcharts frameworks to DH projects.

Currently I'm development leader in the following projects and software resources:
Research interests
Algorithms Data Visualization Programming