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Historical Content Analysis

So far, Human Language Technologies have not contributed in a substantial way to the development of Humanities even if they have evolved to a point where they can provide Humanities with analytic tools that go beyond text indexing. Some of the relevant technologies are: Named Entities recognition (e.g. identification of names of persons and locations within texts); extraction of semantic relations between entities (e.g. motion relations between persons and locations); temporal processing (i.e. identification of temporal expressions and events and extraction of relations between them); geographical information processing, key-concept extraction; distributional semantic analysis (i.e. quantification and categorization of semantic similarities between linguistic elements), sentiment analysis (i.e. determine the attitude of a writer with respect to some topic, identify the general polarity – positive, negative, neutral - of a text or of a statement).

Cooperation with the history research group at FBK (ISIG), led by prof. Paolo Pombeni, whose main research topic is the study of major historical transitions.