The paper “Epistolario De Gasperi: National Edition of De Gasperi’s Letters in Digital Format” authored by Sara Tonelli, Giovanni Moretti, Rachele Sprugnoli, Stefano Malfatti and Marco Odorizzi has been accepted for a poster presentation at the Ninth Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Digital Culture (AIUCD), which will take place in Milan 15th-17th January 2020. 


We present an ongoing project aimed at creating the National Edition of Alcide De Gasperi’s letters in digital format. Our main goal is to systematically collect and transcribe a large number of private and public letters, present in different archives, written or received by De Gasperi throughout his life, and to shed light into all the critical steps of his biography and of the major events of the time. Thirty-eight transcribers have already acquired and annotated 1,549 letters, using an ad-hoc tool specifically developed for the project. All the transcribed material is available through a constantly updated free access web platform.

The platform where the digital collection is displayed is available at this link.