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Cooperation with the history research group at FBK (ISIG), led by prof. Paolo Pombeni, whose main research topic is the study of major historical transitions.

The SIMPATICO project (SIMplifying the interaction with Public Administration Through Information technology for Citizens and Companies) is a Horizon2020 research and innovation action (RIA) whose goal is to improve the experience of citizens and companies in their daily interactions with the public administration by providing a personalized delivery of e-services based on advanced cognitive system technologies.

La figura di Alcide De Gasperi (1881–1954) continua a suscitare un notevole interesse, non soltanto tra gli storici e gli studiosi della politica del Novecento. I fattori che rendono la vicenda dello statista trentino al contempo eccezionale ed emblematica sono vari: il suo contributo allo sviluppo del movimento cattolico nel Trentino e a livello nazionale e internazionale, la leadership politica nella Democrazia Cristiana, la peculiare interpretazione del ruolo di capo del governo italiano; il contributo dato alla politica internazionale di pace, l’intuizione europeista.

Project CREEP (Cyberbulling Effects Prevention) aims at identifying and preventing the possible negative impacts of cyberbullying on young people. It seeks to realise advanced technologies for the early detection of cyberbullying phenomena through the monitoring of social media and the communication of preventive advices and personalized recommendations tailored to adolescents’ needs through a virtual coaching system (chatbot).

Project Hatemeter aims at systematising, augmenting and sharing knowledge on Anti-Muslim hatred online, and at increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of NGO/CSOs in preventing and tackling Islamophobia at EU level, by developing and testing an ICT tool (i.e., HATEMETER platform) that automatically monitors and analyses Internet and social media data on the phenomenon, and produces computer-assisted responses and hints to support counter-narratives and awareness raising campaigns.