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Data Visualization

Visualization tools and techniques are crucial to the analysis of digital humanities data, especially in case of large amounts of data. Current visualization techniques allow now a better communication of ideas and analysis results than verbal communication. Therefore, the exploration and implementation of novel visualization techniques for displaying processed material in graphical format is an important research topic, helping to mediate a message for different types of audience. We are particularly interested in visualization tools and techniques that deal with temporal sequences and time-based analysis of textual data.   

Application cases: 

1) Online platform to search and visualize data from De Gasperi’s archive.
2) Online digital archive of verbo-visual artworks from the Mart Museum in Trento and the Museion in Bozen.

  • Explore novel visualization tools and techniques for humanities content.
  • Implement search and visualization functionalities to navigate through digital collections and display complex statistical and semantic analyses in intuitive ways.