DaDoEval at Evalita 2020

DaDoEval is a shared task at Evalita 2020 about automatically assigning a date or a time period to De Gasperi’s public documents.

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Invited talk at FAIR Heritage conference

Sara Tonelli will give an invited talk at the FAIR Heritage conference on Digital Methods, Scholarly Editing and Tools for Cultural and Natural Heritage, which was supposed to take place in Tours in …

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LREC Workshop on User and Author Profiling

We are co-organising the workshop “ResT-UP – Resources and Techniques for User and Author Profiling in Abusive Language”, to be held on May 12th before the start of the 12th Language Resources …

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CANCELED: Seminar at Université du Luxembourg

Sara Tonelli will give a talk at the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History as part of the seminar series on Digital History and Hermeneutics. The talk title will be “Collecting, …

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Seminar at “Conversazioni Linguistiche”

Sara Tonelli will give a talk on the analysis of high-school final exams from a linguistic point of view, to study the evolution of neo-standard Italian and discuss how it has changed over time. The …

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