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Sara Tonelli

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  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Since May 2013 I am the head of the Digital Humanities research group at FBK. I am currently involved in the H2020 PERCEPTIONS project, related to the perception of EU and the narratives around migration to EU. I am also part of several other digital humanities projects, which can be found hereI am also adjunct professor of Language Interfaces (jointly with Daniele Falavigna) at the Dept. of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento.

I was involved in the past in several European project: Pescado (FP7 - keyword extraction), Terence (FP7 - event-based text simplification), NewsReader (FP7 - event extration and semantic role recognition), SIMPATICO (H2020 - text simplification in the administrative domain), HATEMETER (REC - social media monitoring for islamopohobia detection), CREEP (EitDIGITAL - Cyberbullying detection). 

In 2010 I defended my Phd thesis in "Language Sciences" at Università Ca' Foscari, Venice (advisors: Emanuele Pianta and Prof. Rodolfo Delmonte).

Students' supervision:

Current Phd Students:

2018 - present: Federico Bonetti, "Gamification for Linguistic Annotation", Doctoral School in Cognitive Science, University of Trento 

2017 - present: Matteo Lorenzini (co-advised with Marco Rospocher) "Automatic quality improvement and content enrichment of digital cultural heritage data", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

Past Phd students:

2016 - 2020: Lorenzo Lucchini (co-advised with Bruno Lepri), "Modeling and forecasting cultural dynamics with natural language processed data",  ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2013 - 2018: Stefano Menini (now post-doc in the DH group), "Automatic Analysis of Agreement and Disagreement in the Political Domain", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2013 - 2018: Rachele Sprugnoli (now at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), "Event detection and classification for the Digital Humanities", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2012 - 2016: Paramita Mirza (now at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany) "Extracting temporal and causal relations between events", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento [arXiv]

My main research interests focus on:

Social media analysis and Hate speech detection: CREEP and Hatemeter project, collaboration with INRIA & University of Nice [link to Evalita paper, Germeval paper, WhatsApp dataset]

Event and temporal/causal processing: Terence and NewsReader European projects, Rachele Sprugnoli's thesis, Paramita Mirza's thesis [link to softwareposter, download CausalTimeBank]

Agreement, Disagreement and Argumentation Mining, especially in the political domain: collaboration with INRIA & University of Nice, Stefano Menini's thesis [link to data, link to datasets], collaboration with University of Mannheim (honorable mention at EMNLP 2017 for joint paper)

Digital Humanities, Historical Data Processing, Digital Cultural Heritage: ALCIDE project [link to demo], RAMBLE-ON application [link to generic system and to system version working with data on Italian Shoah], collaboration with Tommaso Caselli from University of Groningen to create the Content Type corpus [link to data], Matteo Lorenzini's thesis work.

Text Simplification: Terence and SIMPATICO European projects, MUSST syntactic simplifier [link to software], ERNESTA simplification tool, SIMPITIKI corpus for Italian Simplification [link to dataset]

FrameNet, Keyword Extraction and Terminology: my Phd thesis work [link to Italian FrameNet data], collaboration with Luciano Serafini to create a FrameNet-based resource for the Semantic Web [link to data], Keyphrase Digger extraction tool [link to demo and software].

Discourse Analysis and Parsing: past collaboration with Giuseppe Riccardi from University of Trento, my internship at University of Pennsylvania.