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Sara Tonelli

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  • FBK Povo
Short bio

Since May 2013 I am the head of the Digital Humanities research group at FBK. I am currently involved in the H2020 PERCEPTIONS project, related to the online perception of EU and the narratives around migration to EU. From January 2021 I will be the coordinator of the KID ACTIONS European project, aimed at addressing cyberbullying among children and adolescents through interactive education and gamification. I am also part of several other digital humanities projects, which can be found here.

In 2020 I got the national habilitation as Associate Professor (seconda fascia) for the area `Information Systems' 09/H1.

I was involved in the past in several European project: Pescado (FP7 - keyword extraction), Terence (FP7 - event-based text simplification), NewsReader (FP7 - event extration and semantic role recognition), SIMPATICO (H2020 - text simplification in the administrative domain), HATEMETER (REC - social media monitoring for islamopohobia detection), CREEP (EitDIGITAL - Cyberbullying detection). 

In 2010 I defended my Phd thesis in "Language Sciences" at Università Ca' Foscari, Venice (advisors: Emanuele Pianta and Prof. Rodolfo Delmonte).

Students' supervision:

Current Phd Students:

2020 - present: Camilla Casula "Multilingual abusive language detection", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2019 - present: Daniela Trotta (co-advised with Annibale Elia) "Multimodal political communication", Dept. of Linguistics, University of Salerno

2018 - present: Federico Bonetti, "Gamification for Linguistic Annotation", Doctoral School in Cognitive Science, University of Trento 

2017 - present: Matteo Lorenzini (co-advised with Marco Rospocher) "Automatic quality improvement and content enrichment of digital cultural heritage data", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

Past Phd students:

2016 - 2020: Lorenzo Lucchini (co-advised with Bruno Lepri), "Modeling and forecasting cultural dynamics with natural language processed data",  ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2013 - 2018: Stefano Menini (now post-doc in the DH group), "Automatic Analysis of Agreement and Disagreement in the Political Domain", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2013 - 2018: Rachele Sprugnoli (now at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), "Event detection and classification for the Digital Humanities", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento

2012 - 2016: Paramita Mirza (now at Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany) "Extracting temporal and causal relations between events", ICT Doctoral School, University of Trento [arXiv]

My main research interests focus on:

Social media analysis and Hate speech detection: CREEP and Hatemeter project, collaboration with INRIA & University of Nice [link to Evalita paper, Germeval paper, WhatsApp dataset]

Event and temporal/causal processing: Terence and NewsReader European projects, Rachele Sprugnoli's thesis, Paramita Mirza's thesis [link to softwareposter, download CausalTimeBank]

Agreement, Disagreement and Argumentation Mining, especially in the political domain: collaboration with INRIA & University of Nice, Stefano Menini's thesis [link to data, link to datasets], collaboration with University of Mannheim (honorable mention at EMNLP 2017 for joint paper)

Digital Humanities, Historical Data Processing, Digital Cultural Heritage: ALCIDE project [link to demo], RAMBLE-ON application [link to generic system and to system version working with data on Italian Shoah], collaboration with Tommaso Caselli from University of Groningen to create the Content Type corpus [link to data], Matteo Lorenzini's thesis work.

Text Simplification: Terence and SIMPATICO European projects, MUSST syntactic simplifier [link to software], ERNESTA simplification tool, SIMPITIKI corpus for Italian Simplification [link to dataset]

FrameNet, Keyword Extraction and Terminology: my Phd thesis work [link to Italian FrameNet data], collaboration with Luciano Serafini to create a FrameNet-based resource for the Semantic Web [link to data], Keyphrase Digger extraction tool [link to demo and software].

Discourse Analysis and Parsing: past collaboration with Giuseppe Riccardi from University of Trento, my internship at University of Pennsylvania.