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  1. A. Lavelli; B. Magnini; M. Negri; E. Pianta; M. Speranza; R. Sprugnoli,
    Italian Content Annotation Bank (I-CAB): Temporal Expressions (v. 1.0),
    This document reports on Temporal Expression annotation for the Italian Content Annotation Bank (I-CAB) being developed at ITC-irst. We describe the extensions to the English annotation guidelines that are required for Italian and provide a large number of examples and a detailed description of the benchmark. The benchmark is intended as a reference work both for the annotation methodology and for the automatic recognition and normalization of temporal expressions in Italian. This work is part of a larger effort aiming at the realization of an Entity-Relation annotated corpus for Italian. The long term goal is to produce a reference benchmark for Information Extraction tasks, including both entities (e.g. temporal expressions, persons, organizations and locations) and a number of relations among such entities (e.g. date of birth of a person),