Stefano Menini is among the organizers of SemEval 2014 task on “Evaluation of compositional distributional semantic models on full sentences through semantic relatedness and textual entailment”.

Task description:

Distributional Semantic Models (DSMs) approximate the meaning of words with vectors summarizing their patterns of co-occurrence in corpora. Recently, several compositional extensions of DSMs (Compositional DSMs, or CDSMs) have been proposed, with the purpose of representing the meaning of phrases and sentences by composing the distributional representations of the words they contain.

The goal of the task is to evaluate  CDSMs on a new data set (SICK – Sentences Involving Compositional Knowledge) which includes a large number of sentence pairs that are rich in the lexical, syntactic and semantic phenomena that CDSMs are expected to account for, but do not require dealing with other aspects of existing sentential data sets (multiword expressions, named entities, telegraphic language) that are not within the domain of compositional distributional semantics.