1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 - PROJECT CLOSED

The MADRE project is a joint project involving the University of Trento and the Digital Humanities unit at FBK. It has been funded by the Office for Equal Opportunities and Family Policies of the Autonomous Province of Trento, in order to support equal opportunities and better understand discourse on gender. 

The pilot study conducted within the project includes ten different sources of public information: articles of local press (“Trentino”), Trentino area online news (“Trentino online”; “l’Adige online”; “La Voce delle Donne”), articles from the main national newspapers (“la Repubblica” and “Corriere della Sera”), articles published on the local pages of some Italian cities (“la Repubblica Torino”, “la Repubblica Firenze”, “la Repubblica Napoli”, “la Repubblica Palermo”). The outcome of the project is a toolkit to automatically understand 1. which topics were discussed within these sources of public information, 2. which issues overlap with the Italian and local political agenda.  
The study for the period 2011-2014 is conducted along three main dimensions:
  • visibility
  • resonance
  • legittimacy

Another goal of the project is to promote awareness on the relation between gender and media. For this reason, we have organised a series of seminars on this topic (the list of the events scheduled so far is available here).


12 months


Sara Tonelli, satonelli@fbk.eu


University of Trento, Dept. of Social Sciences


Autonomous Province of Trento

Unit role:

The Digital Humanities unit will provide expertise in Natural Language Processing applied to Social Media content and will be responsible of the implementation of the language analysis workflow.