The abstract “Annotation of Temporal Information on Historical Texts: a Small Corpus for a Big Challenge” by Manuela Speranza and Rachele Sprugnoli has been accepeted at the “Formal Representation and Digital Humanities” workshop. The worskhop will take place in Verona on June, 28th-29th 2016.

SUMMARY: during the presentation we will present the De Gasperi corpus, an Italian linguistic resource of 10 articles by Alcide De Gasperi (published in 1914 in the newspaper “Il Trentino”) related to the outbreak of World War 1. The corpus is manually annotated with temporal information following the TimeML adaptation to Italian and is freely available for research purposes. The De Gasperi Corpus has been employed to analyze how well systems built for contemporary Italian perform on historical texts in the context of EVALITA and can be exploited to highlight some open issues in the annotation and processing of temporal information in historical texts.