Tuesday, 17 May 2016 | 9:00 to 10:00

Title: Researching the acquistion, processing and use of multi-word expressions in a first and second language 


Recent years have seen an unprecedented interest in the research that focuses on multi-word expressions, their acquisition, on-line processing and use. Multi-word expressions (e.g., collocations, multi-word verbs, idioms, grammatical constructions, etc.) are important because they constitute a large proportion of authentic native-speaker discourse. In addition, their properties, such as frequency and predictability, make them an interesting topic of enquiry in a range of neighbouring linguistic disciplines. The talk will briefly introduce multi-word expressions and will centre on the various ways in which these instances can be investigated in a first and second language. 

Speaker’s short bio:

Anna Siyanova is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington. Anna’s research interests include: psychological aspects of second language acquisition, multi-word expressions, frequency effects in language processing, and quantitative research methods (reaction times, eye movements, learner corpora, EEG/ERPs). In addition, Anna researches the representation and processing of gender stereotypical information in Italian adults, children, and the elderly. Anna has published in psychology and applied linguistics journals, such as Journal of Experimental Psychology: Language, Memory, and Cognition, Psychophysiology, Language Learning, Applied Linguistics, and others.


Room 210