Sara Tonelli is part of the Scientific Committee of the workshop “Grammar and lexicon: interactions and interfaces (GRAMM&LEX)”, co-located with COLING 2016.

 The aim of the workshop is to enhance the linguistic dimension in the computational linguistics spectrum, as well as to strengthen the focus on explanatory rather than engineering aspects.  The broader theme concerns the relations between GRAMMAR and LEXICON, but the workshop is supposed to be specifically focused on burning issues from that domain such as:

  •  Linguistically oriented issues: valency, and some related special linguistic phenomena such as diathesis; lexicon and morphology (incl. derivational morphology and morphosyntactic features in lexicons and their relation to semantics); lexicons and discourse (e.g. connectors, alternative connecting means);
  • Lexicon/Grammar interface: types of information in lexical entries; linguistic vs. encyclopedic information in the dictionary; syntax and phraseology (microsyntax), the grammar of idioms;
  • Computationally related issues: the role of lexicons in grammar formalisms; lexicons and grammars vs. corpora and treebanks; annotation standards; valency dictionaries;
  • Semantically driven issues such as semantic representation and lexically-supported inference;
  • NLP-oriented topics: use of lexicons, gazetteers and other man-made or machine-learnt lexical resources in NLP applications; multiword expressions in lexicons and grammars.

The workshop is intended as a lively forum touching upon issues that might be of interest (and, possibly, an inspiration for application both in theory and in practice) for a broader research community with different background: linguistic, computational or NLP.

 Important dates:

September 25: Submission deadline

October 16: Author notification

October 30: Camera ready due by authors