Thursday, 9 February 2017 | 13:30 to 14:30

TITLE: Annotating Patrick White’s ‘The Solid Mandala’ with Semantic Features to Unravel Stylistic Devices

ABSTRACT: The study presents a narratological approach to the semantic annotation of literature of fiction, achieved combining stylistic theories on psychological narrative (Collier, 1992) and the appraisal theory (Martin and White, 2005). Through manual annotation of Patrick White’s ‘The Solid Mandala’ (1966) and the fragmentation of the novel in basic story-units, called narremes, we extracted and analysed data connected to character psychology, focusing on cognitive and emotional features and on their role in the micro- and macro-structure of the story.

Giulia Marchesini is currently an internship student in the DH group. The presentation will be about her Master thesis work from University Ca’ Foscari.


Gianni Lazzari room (former Sala Acquario)