Thursday, 14 June 2018 | 12:00 to 13:00

Titolo: “FRIDA. Festival in Renaissance Italy, Digital Atlas”


Festivals are multimedia and collaborative events of Renaissance society, where poetic words are translated into visual images and staged in a ceremonial setting. FRIDA will provide a systematic study and a Digital Atlas of Festivals in Renaissance Italy, engaging visual artifacts and producing diagrammatic visualizations, realized with the technical support of the Density Design Lab – Politecnico di Milano. This seminar aims to introduce preliminary results of a work-in-progress finalized to create a web-based dynamic interface that allows the reconstruction of the mosaic’s pieces of festival in a full visual experience, generating: 1) a design of geographic visualizations of each festival; 2) a visual analysis of social networks of the actors (patrons, artists, poets) who animated each festival; 3) a new interdisciplinary investigation of interlinked poems and artworks interconnected with the festival, that this project aims to interpret as the core of a cultural galaxy and multimedia experience of Renaissance society.


Francesca Bortoletti is currently Research Associate at the Center for Early Modern History, University of Minnesota. She received her Ph.D. from University of Bologna and Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours. After working at the Universities of Bologna and Ferrara, she moved to the USA where she taught and performed research at University of Minnesota and at the Italian Academy at Columbia University. She joined Prof Brian Richardson’s group at University of Leeds, UK for the ERC project Italian Voices. Her research to date has focused on the study of performing and oral culture as well as visual arts in early modern history. Overcoming traditional disciplinary barriers, she is particularly interested in investigating the documentation of the ephemera as well as the heritage of Antiquity in the construction and preservations of a collective memory. A more recent development of her research focuses on digital and visual design in order to explore and define new methodologies for analysing, interpreting, and writing historical phenomena. Presently, she is working on Italian court Festivals digital project, which received the support of Delmas Foundation grant. She is author of three books (Egloga e spettacolo nel primo Rinascimento. Bulzoni, 2008; L’attore del Parnaso. Mimesis, 2012; La performance della memoria, Baskerville in press) and several papers in international journals or book chapters. An additional book on the heritage of myths in Italian Renaissance festivals is currently in preparation.


Aula piccola ISIG – Via Santa Croce 77, Trento