Elisa Leonardelli


    Short bio

    I hold a biomedical engineer degree from the University of Padova and a PhD in Cognitive Science obtained at the Center for Mind and Brain (CIMeC), University of Trento.

    My current research in Digital Humanities spans over project that involve different NLP tasks such as hate-speech detection and sentiment analysis to semantic shifts. I particularly enjoy working with big data from social media.

    Previously, I worked as a post-doc researcher at CIMeC in an ERC-founded project called “CRASK” (http://thefairlab.org/), acronym for “Conceptual Representation of Abstract Semantic Knowledge”. We used multivariate pattern analysis of neuroimaging data to investigate how semantic concepts similarities correlate to their representation in the brain. During my PhD I conducted neuroimaging experiments to study how multisensory integration occurs in the brain.

    In the past, I also worked as a project manager in a global software house in the health and wellbeing sector.