Stefano Menini


    Short bio

    After my bachelor's degree in Philosophy at the University of Verona, I moved towards a more computational approach to texts and I got a master's degree in Philosophy and Language at the University of Trento that, beside philosophy, gave me a background in Natural Language Processing and Logics. My master's thesis work was about modeling the meaning of determiners by using a distributional  semantic approach and it was carried out under the supervision of Marco Baroni. In September 2018  I obtained my Ph.D. in Information Technologies at the ICT Doctoral School of the University of Trento with a thesis on the classification of topic based agreement and disagreement in the political domain under the supervision of Sara Tonelli.

    In 2021 I worked at CELCT, a company that operated in the field of the evaluation of language and communication technologies, where I worked on corpora creation and annotation tasks for NLP.

    My areas of research cover the automatic detection of cyberbullying (CREEP Project), hatespeech (HATEMETER project) and language simplification (SIMPATICO project).

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