Tuesday, 13 December 2016 8:00 to Friday, 16 December 2016 17:00

We will attend the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (Coling2016) in Osaka, during which we will present three papers:

  • Paramita Mirza and Sara Tonelli “CATENA: CAusal and Temporal relation Extraction from NAtural language texts” – Oral presentation, 13/12/2016 11:00-12:30, room 1008
  • Stefano Menini and Sara Tonelli “Agreement and Disagreement: Comparison of points of view in the political domain” – Poster #816, 15/12/2016 16:30-18:00, in the foyer
  • Paramita Mirza and Sara Tonelli “On the contribution of word embeddings to temporal relation classification” – Poster #868, 16/12/2016 10:30-12:30, in the foyer


Osaka, Japan