31 December 2021 to 30 December 2023

StandByMe aims at countering online violence against women and girls (‘VAWG’) via youth actions in Italy, Poland and Hungary and the rest of Europe. The project will empower students to take action against online VAWG, facilitating their ability to detect it and supporting their voice as change agents, giving space to their unique vision and perspective.  This through the development of a comprehensive blended learning program, educational materials, updated data and a wide range of actions.

In this framework, digital technologies will be used to raise awareness of the problem through gamified activities and reflection on cases of online VAWG. Our group, in particular, will contribute to the development of  gamified applications for awareness-raising activities against VAWG and will analyse the use of misogynistic language online.

Involved researchers: Elisa Leonardelli, Sara Tonelli