Thursday, 7 September 2023 9:00 to Friday, 8 September 2023 18:00

Our group will (co-)organise three tasks at EVALITA 2023, the 8th evaluation campaign of NLP and Speech Tools for Italian.

GeoLingIt (Geolocation of Linguistic Variation in Italy): the first shared task on geolocation of linguistic variation in Italy from social media posts exhibiting non-standard language. Organisers: Alan Ramponi and Camilla Casula

NERMuD (Named-Entities Recognition on Multi-Domain Documents): the first shared task of named entity recognition on documents from WikiNews and the De Gasperi corpus. Organisers: Teresa Paccosi and Alessio Palmero Aprosio. [Link to Github]

HaSpeeDe3 (Hate Speech Detection): the third shared task on hate speech detection on Twitter in the political and religious domain. Organisers: Mirko Lai, Fabio Celli, Alan Ramponi, Sara Tonelli, Cristina Bosco, Viviana Patti.

The final workshop will be held in Parma 7-8 September. During the event, the best-performing systems for each task will be announced.