Thursday, 13 July 2023 9:00 to Friday, 14 July 2023 18:00

Elisa Leonardelli is co-organising the Learning With Disagreements (LeWiDi) task at SemEval2023.

Focus of this task is entirely on subjective tasks, where training with aggregated labels makes much less sense. To this end, the task organisers created a benchmark of four (textual) datasets with different characteristics, in terms of genres (social media and conversations), languages (English and Arabic), tasks (misogyny, hate speech, offensiveness detection) and annotations’ methodology (experts, specific demographic groups, AMT-crowd). But all datasets providing a multiplicity of labels for each instance.

The task objective is to provide a unified testing framework for learning from disagreements and developing methods able to capture them.
Organisers: E. Leonardelli, G. Abercrombie, V. Basile, T. Fornaciari, B. Plank, M. Poesio, V. Rieser, A. Uma