The paper “A Knowledge Management Architecture For Digital Cultural Heritage” authored by Mauro Dragoni, Sara Tonelli and Giovanni Moretti has been accepted for publication in the special issue on Digital Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage of the ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage


The increasing demand of technological facilities for galleries, museums and archives has led to the need of designing practical and effective solutions for managing the digital life-cycle of cultural heritage collections. These facilities have to support users in addressing several challenges directly related to the creation, management, preservation, and visualization of digital collections. Such challenges include, for example, the support for a collaborative management of the produced information, their curation from a multilingual perspective in order to break the language barriers and make collections available to different stakeholders, and the development of services for exposing structured version of data both to users and machines. Platforms satisfying all these requirements have to support curators activities and, at the same time, to provide facilities for engaging the virtual consumers of the produced data. In this paper, we propose a description of an abstract architecture for managing digital collections built upon a set of components, services, and APIs able to address the challenges mentioned above. Then, an instantiation of this architecture is discussed, as well as the presentation of a use case concerning the management of a digital archive of verbo-visual art. Lessons learned from this experience are reported in order to outline future activities.