The paper “LOD Navigator: Tracing movements of Italian Shoah Victims” authored by Rachele Sprugnoli, Giovanni Moretti and Sara Tonelli has been published online on “Umanistica Digitale”, the open access journal of the Italian Association of Digital Humanities. Link to the article here.


In this work, we present LOD Navigator, a data visualisation and exploration tool to track the lives and trajectories of Italian Shoah Victims. We take advantage of the work done at the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center in Milan (CDEC), leading to the publication of a database of Linked Open Data (LOD) containing information about the life and persecution of each victim. Such database was then enriched semi-automatically and uploaded in the LOD Navigator, giving the possibility of getting new insight into collective traits of the Italian Shoah tragedy and into personal stories of victims. Information is now available and can be navigated in an intuitive and interactive way.

The tool and a slideshow presenting the work done are available here.