We mapped the persecution of 202 persons of Trentino that were deported to the 3rd Reich camps during the Second World War, giving access to the corresponding dataset both in RDF and through an …

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MARTIN (Monitoring and Analysing Real-time Tweets in Italian Natural language) is a stand-alone application to:Scan real-time information on TwitterCompare tweets by pairs of Twitter usersAnalyse the …

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LOD Navigator

The LOD NAVIGATOR takes in input the data made available by the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center (CDEC) in Milan, in collaboration with regesta.exe, and published in Linked Open …

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Ramble On

RAMBLE ON is a new project aimed at analysing the mobility of past famous individuals by using Natural Language Processing modules applied to unstructured texts, more specifically to biographies in …

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L-KD: Labelled-KD

L-KD is a tool that relies on available linguistic and knowledge resources to perform keyphrase clustering and labelling. The aim of L-KD is to help finding and tracing themes in English and Italian …

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