Our proposal for the EHRI workshop ” Data Sharing, Holocaust Documentation, Digital Humanities” has been accepted for presentation.

The workshop will be held in conjunction with the LODLAM summit in Venice, 29-30 June 2017

Authors: Rachele Sprugnoli, Giovanni Moretti, Sara Tonelli

Abstract: The LOD Navigator takes in input the data made available by the Contemporary Jewish Documentation Center in Milan (CDEC) and published in LOD format to show the movements of Italian Shoah victims. To this end, we used the SPARQL endpoint to collect biographical data together with information about the persecution and deportation of each victim. The places of birth, arrest, detention, deportation to a Nazi camp, transfer, and return after liberation (if available) were georeferenced and associated to the corresponding date. All the movements are then displayed in an interactive interface.

Slides available at the following page: http://dh.fbk.eu/technologies/lod-navigator

LOD Navigator